"Enjoy the Experience"

Shirley and Hannah were an absolute blast! They brought out the best in me! And it was extremely professional.

Daniel CassilagioColfax High School Senior

It was always such a pleasure for you to do my pictures. I was looking forward to this so much because it’s fun AND the pictures are always lovely! I wouldn’t change anything you’re doing on a regular basis. I was a very pleased and happy customer. Keep disco dancing!! Thanks

Evelyn YeePlacer High School Senior

Loved the session. Listening to Pandora was cool and the photo shoot was easy and fun.

Will BuellColfax High School Senior

Love, Love, Love, Awesome, Fantastic, Spectacular, Hilarious. What else can I say?

Brandon PatchettForestlake High School Senior

I had a great time. You’re very good at bringing out true, natural smiles.

Ryan GlaznerColfax High School Senior

Very enjoyable. They really made me laugh and smile at their antics. Just a comedy show.

Jon KuzmichForesthill High School Senior

Shirley is amazing and I loved taking pictures with her!!!

Kelly HarrisColfax High School Senior

The photography session was exact and full of minute details. This is indicative of a photographer that takes pride in her work and does a great job. Thank you

Ryan Wilkinson Colfax High School Senior

Do not change a thing. You made me feel comfortable and at home, If I ever need family pictures I’ll come here.

Christian Cano Colfax High School Senior

The shoot was great! I liked that you made me laugh before all the photos and how you let me pick where to take the photos. You two were very nice and made the shoot fun. Thank you

Zach StollPlacer High School Senior

Great shoot. Much better than I thought. Made me look like a model!!

Drew Detwiler Colfax High School Senior

Was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I had a lot of fun and I was laughing the whole time.

Austin PerryColfax High School Senior

I liked the whole thing. You were nice and funny. I couldn’t help but smile the whole time. It was comfortable and easy.

Jennifer AyersForesthill High School

I really enjoyed going through the process of taking my senior pictures! Everything went smoothly and I felt very comfortable the entire time and was happy with how everything turned out.

Harrison GravesColfax High School Senior

Really fun, entertaining. Had a great time.

Matthew Larson Colfax High School Senior

Made my day. Very funny.

Kendra GodonForesthill High School

It was tons of fun! Everyone is always happy and smiling and I feel like the pictures will turn out great. It was perfect! :)

Steffany Dunn Colfax High School Senior

Great session. I didn’t know pictures were fun!

Kevin Sarnecki Colfax High School Senior

I enjoyed the session, A lot more enjoyable than I thought that it was going to be! Thank you very much for the laughs.

Ben Rooker CORE

It was awesome. The photo shoot was great. Shirley & Susie are amazing and funny. I wouldn’t have chosen anyone else. Thank you so much. You guys are the best!!

Austin Mulderig Colfax High School Senior