"Enjoy the Experience"


General Information:

Day Before Session: Prepare and press clothing for your photo shoot. Arrange outfits with Scarves, jewelry, etc. and group them together so you do not forget anything. Bring on hangers. Do not pack in backpacks. That tends to make clothes very wrinkly. Try on all of your outfits to make sure everything fits and you are happy with all of your clothing choices. Get plenty of rest the night before your shoot to eliminate dark circles under your eyes. Be early. Arrive 10-15 minutes early. There is usually someone scheduled right after you and being tardy can cut into your allotted session time. Have your hair styled and make-up on when you arrive for your session.

All of your finished portraits will be retouched so don’t worry if your complexion breaks out right before your session.

Wear clothes that reflect your personal style. Shirley will choose backgrounds and sets to best compliment your attire.

Think Color:
Wear colors that go best with your complexion, hair coloring and eyes. If you have green eyes wearing a green shirt can make your eyes “pop” and enhance their color in your photos.

Cover Up:
If there is something about your body that you don’t like cover it up. It is amazing how many people come to their session wearing a sleeveless shirt and say they hate their upper arms.

Darker colored clothing is concealing and will make you look thinner.

GIRLS Make-Up, Hair & Nail Tips:

Make-up: Use in a soft and natural manner.

Lips - Bring your lipstick. If you choose not to wear lipstick make sure you bring a lip gloss.

Brows - Make sure your brows are well-groomed. Tweeze stray hairs on your brow the night before your photo shoot so that it will not look red or swollen.

Girls Hair & Nails: If you color your hair make sure you have your roots touched up a few days to a week before your session.

Hair Style Changes: Quick, easy hairstyle changes during your session are okay, but practice doing such quick changes so you don’t lose time in front of the camera.

Nails: Your nails will show in your photos so make sure to have fresh polish on both your hands and toes. Be sure to choose a more neutral color that will go will all of your outfits. The press-on nails actually look great in photos so don’t feel like you need to go the extra expense of having your nails professionally done.


Guys Hair: Cuts should be done about 7-10 days before your session.

Facial Hair: Facial hair is fine in photos. If you want facial hair and your mom prefers shaven bring along your shaving gear so you can have a quick shave in the studio. This will allow you to have facial hair in some of your photos and be clean shaven in others. If you do not want facial hair in your photos make sure you shave at least l hour before your photo shoot. There is an additional charge to retouch 5:00 shadow. Be sure to bring lip balm. Dry lips do not look good in photos.

Accessorize: Some ideas……hats, sunglasses, headphones, suspenders, ties, jackets, etc.


Clothing: Clothing should be the same degree of dressy or casual and colors should blend well. Use solid colors as much as possible and do not put one or two people in a color that is a lot lighter or darker than the rest of the family. Avoid busy patterns or bold stripes. If you would like to see which colors harmonize well together check out color wheel on this link.


Creation Fees: This is the cost of actually photographing a session and does not include photos. All creation fees are due at the time of the photo shoot.

Previewing Photos: Our viewing system allows you to view the portraits within a few days as a slide show and place orders that day. Whoever is going to be making decisions on the order must be present for that appointment.

Payment: A 50% deposit is required at the time your order is placed with the balance due upon delivery. California sales tax is charged on all creation fees and orders. We also offer payment plans.

PRICING: Call Studio regarding pricing (530) 823-3686